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Terms of Use

All persons who benefit from “ZILLION PITCHES” services, who have access to “ZILLION PITCHES” app and who pitch in the app or web, review other pitches in the app or web, participate in any other with in ” ZILLION PITCHES ” are deemed to have accepted the user agreement.

A) Definitions

• ZILLION PITCHES: Zillion Pitches App its mobile, desktop applications or zillionpitches.com website owned by YellowX Innovation Consultants SP Ozan Sonmez.

• USERS: The Startup’s Pitch Owner(s), startups founders, idea owner, on “ZILLION PITCHES” mobile, desktop applications or zillionpitches.com

• EXPERTS: All accelerator managers, related staff, mentors, consultants, experts, coaches, instructors, mentees, teachers or “ADMINISTRATORS” who are granted access to “ZILLION”

• ADMINISTRATOR: The “USER” who is authorized to manage the startup program, accelerator, business plan competition, pitch competition, incubator, technology transfer office or any such organization who has a direct relationship with the “USERS” and authorizes, recommends, or mandates the use of the ZILLION APP

• PROGRAM: Any organizations own Accelerating, Incubating, Communication, planning, scheduling, and mentoring platform who has its own network of consultants, experts, coaches, trainers, mentees, mentors, students and/or group members, students under the responsibility of “ORGANIZATION” on “ZILLION PITCHES”.

• COHORT: any specific group of “USERS” suggested, introduced, included by the “ADMINISTRATOR” who runs the “PROGRAM”

B) Terms of Use

• ” ZILLION PITCHES ” can change these rules or add new rules. The announcement of update can be send via e-mail, blog and ” ZILLION PITCHES ” social networks.

• ” ADMINISTRATOR ” has responsibility of sending invitations via ZILLION PITCHES or via third-party tools to add USERS to the COHORT.

• “USER” has the responsibility of its content (image, video, audio, comment, text, rating, feedback, information) on “ZILLION PITCHES”.

• It is prohibited to share illegal content on ” ZILLION PITCHES ” and to use humiliating expressions of individuals and institutions, to make religious or political propaganda, insulting others, smearing, and using “ZILLION PITCHES” for illegal activities.

• “ZILLION PITCHES” has no responsibility about perfection or expertise of mentors, consultants, coaches, teachers or instructors on “ZILLION PITCHES”.

• MENTORNITY has Google Analytics, Google AdSense, or any third party service cookies (cookies) or “ZILLION PITCHES” cookies for tracking, analyzing, measuring and evaluating “USER” behavior on “ZILLION PITCHES”.

• “ZILLION PITCHES” can communicate with “USER”s via e-mail, phone or any channel about “ZILLION PITCHES” services, other PROGRAMS, third-parties, institutions, products.

• ” ZILLION PITCHES ” is not responsible for any disruptions or damages arising out of circumstances such as delays, broken connections, data loss, cyber-attacks that occur in the cloud or special servers that are rented, serviced, and / or owned.

• The team ” ZILLION PITCHES ” strives to keep ” ZILLION PITCHES ” up-to-date and operational. However, ” ZILLION PITCHES ” cannot be held responsible for delays, interruptions or damages caused by faults or faults found in “ZILLION PITCHES” software.

• “USER”s must be protecting their passwords and not share with others.

• “USER”s should not login “ZILLION PITCHES” with any other “USER” password.

• ” ZILLION PITCHES ” may display advertisements, promotions, and explanations about ” ZILLION PITCHES ” or third-parties anywhere in on website or mobile application.

• ” ZILLION PITCHES ” can stop, interrupt, or change services that provide.